haldiram namkeen distributorship

 haldiram namkeen distributorship

A small serving of savoury food that is consumed between meals is known as snacks. They are available in various forms, either packaged or prepared right at home. Snacks that are made at home can include those that are made using fresh ingredients or processed ones that can be cooked instantly. 

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Although snacks can vary from country to country, in India, there is a huge variety of scrumptious street food and fried goods that are considered as evening snacks. These include lip smacking samosas, chaats, Pani puri and even noodles. However, it is not always possible to go out and have them whenever you are craving for a bite. Food sold on the streets might be hygienic at times and eating a large quantity may cause health issues, hence, packaged delights are re perfect alternative to street snacks. 

You can order these packaged snacks online at Big Basket, saving time and allowing you to satiate your hunger pangs in the middle of the day. There are many types of namkeen snacks that can be bought in India. Some are inspired by famous snacks from around the country while others introduce us to the flavours of the world. Let’s take a look at some of the snacks that are available in India. 1. Bhujia- The market ruler when it comes to snacks, Bhujias are influenced by the snack cultures of Rajasthan, especially Bikaner.

 Originally made from gram flour, Bikaneri Bhujia is now available in a variety of flavours that include mint, chilli as well as sweet and sour. Mixtures are another category of bhujia that has taken a contemporary turn and is available in a number of types the most famous of which is the Navratna Mixture that contains Bhujia, cornflakes, peanuts and moong dal among others in a spiced mixture of coriander, chilli and pepper. 2. Chips – Undoubtedly one of the favourite munchies ever, potato chips are the preferred snacks in almost every party. Made from thinly cut slices of potato that are either fried or baked till they turn wafer-like and crunchy, these chips are available in many flavours.


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